Your first Landbot

Creating your Landbot is as easy as talking to a friend. All you have to do is start a conversation with the "building area" of Landbot, and you can access it straight from this link. 

He'll first ask your email, company and name to create your account while you customize the design of the chatbot.

Then you'll be asked if you want to Customize your design or Skip it and do it later through the platform:

If you Skip it, you'll receive an email with the details to access your account. You'll also to preview your Landbot first. 

If you select Customize, you'll be prompted to whether select a Template or start from Scratch

You can choose a template from:

If you start from scratch, here's everything you can customize, go have fun!

  • Colors

Tip: you can use free online resources like to discover the colour code of any images. For instance, you can upload your logo and the tool will tell you the exact colour codes it contains. 

  • Font type and size

  • Background

Once you're done with editing design click Finish and your first Landbot will be ready and you'll be able to preview it. It'll have a simple structure (welcome, body and farewell) and you'll be able to make it more and more complex with the app's bot builder. 

If everything is as expected, click  Ok perfect (or Use another email if your first one was fake and you regret after seeing how cool Landbot is 😏). 

Finally, go check your inbox because your credentials to access the app are there!!!!

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